Monday, July 13, 2009

It's been a hard twelve night...

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"I Want a Boyfriend Too! A Trap on a Luxury Cruise Ship"

-You know, I really like Thetis. Not only does she actually have a personality and comes up with the plan this time, her feelings and relationship with Jadeite we don't know about really beings a refreshing change of pace. If only the other Youmas were like her.
-The revel/staging of the cruise thing actually being a commercial didn't come across as well as it should have.
-If the subs are right, nice touch of the maximum passenger capacity being 666.
-Heh, Umino being hit by Usagi in the dream sequence is so unexpected, it's amusing.
- Is it just me, or is Unimo's hair more "spiky" than usual? And speaking of Unimo, I notice Unimo's "eyes" actual move. So I guess they're not part of the glasses!

-It's a split second thing, but check out Usaigi's hair after Unimo said where the tickets are. A visual technique that we won't be seeing a lot that I wish it did.
-Man, this season really liked exaggerating Usagi's running ability now, didn't it?
-Odd use of a high angle when Rei said "Invitation for two". Ditto on closing in on Rei's monologue.
-I don't know if it's becuase of the animators working on other shows, but what is up with the background characters in this scene?

-I do like the use of fiery backgrounds when Rei uses the machine. Very atmospheric over something pretty small.
-Also, I'm starting to notice that this show loves highlighting certain scenes while the rest isn't in a certain angle, like what I saw with Usagi when she finds out about Rei's situation. This is like the fifth time I saw this on the show.
-I've heard somewhere that whenever you see silhouettes in a crowd shot in animation, it's pretty much an animated shortcut. Nonetheless, it does works in a night time setting like it was used in this episode.
-Interesting use of a up angle shot on Usagi after Luna's complaining. I wonder if it used for Luna's perspective on Usagi? If it was, nice touch.
-Imagine that, no lipstick this time on the disguise.
-One thing I don't get about villains in shows like this. Why do they remind themselves about they're own plan? I know they do that for the audience, but from a storyteller's point of view, that's just bizarre. Nice use of black spirits things to tell the plan in a "head only" approach though.
-Speaking of bizarre, why did Jadeite gave himself a tan and black hair for this disguise? According to the other episodes, he can pull off disguises without them, so why for this one? Make him more handsome or something?

-Hey look, a music cue that'll be used later for the pre-commercial break R eyecatcher! How quaint!
-Another up angle shot when we see Jadeite looking at Usagi. Hm, lots of "looking into something through a high angle" angles in this episode for some reason.
-Again, I really like the change of pace of the Youma (Thetis) doing the plan and Jadeite just following along. Also, all of this because Thetis loves Jadeite and wants his attention just makes me wish we have more Youmas who are interesting and are non-one dimensional. If only, if only...
-Only in animation when eating is made funnier with facial distortions and exaggerating acting.

-Wow, what's up with Ami's neck in the dinning scene? And speaking of Ami, one thing I'm starting to notice about her is that in these early episodes, she's not really emotional invested into things, at least, compared to her behavior in the future. I mean, not only does she seems to be more focused into studying, she's making a lot of casual one-liners and facial expressions in this particular episode. Whenever or not I'll miss it later on, we'll see. 'Til then...
Seriously, pretty jarring.
-Okay, Ami just being "surprised" (wasn't really conveyed that well) about Sailor Moon came out of nowhere. I can't describe in words on how unintentionally funny/sad that part is.
-Now here's a weird staging problem when Sailor Moon is seen. The camera pans up to her, but during this, there's moon beams that distract you to the right of the screen, and when the pan is finished with the moon beams, it looks awkward and cluttered. Not a highlight of the show's visual moments I admit...
-However, the clear use of abstract backgrounds on Thetis approaching Sailor Moon IS a nice visual moment.
-And why is Luna telling Sailor Moon about Thetis's attacks when she can see it herself? Then again, lots of comic books love stating the obvious...
-No Tuxedo Mask in this episode I see...
-I never noticed the spinning background during "Bubble Spray" until now. And I knew about the "missing glove frame" before that!
-Ending was kinda redundant though.

Overall: As you can see with me pointing out small details, this isn't a strong episode, but by all means does it not suck. I really liked the Youma in this one, the characterizations were okay and there were some good facial expressions, but the plot and animation wasn't anything special. So, all in all, pretty average (yet again).

All images are from "the oracle". That is true, that IS possible!


Salvatore said...

I'm surprised you didn't notice some of the little inside jokes in the background. During the ballroom scene, there's a giant dressed exactly like Rei.

After Tetis is killed, you can see a girl with Usagi's hairstyle. ;)

esahC said...

Hey, it happens. The water color backgrounds (are they water colors?) are so soft, sometimes you don't notice the inside jokes right away.

But thanks for the notice! Hopefully the readers (who are still here) will notice this, 'cause I certainly didn't!

Rick said...

Usagi looks like Jane from Melrose Place lol

vern said...

i just loved this Sailormoon episode. it was funny.

Anonymous said...

There's nothing wrong with Ami's neck in that one frame. Her head is hunched over, trying to hide her face from the other passengers, because she was embarrassed by Rei's sloppy eating.

metalboy94 said...

hey, when exactly does the R eyecatch music come in this episode? (minute, second). Thank you. And btw im mamoru_Gone_wrong from SMF :D

esahC said...

Hey, MGW! Nice to see you!

The cue starts around 12 minutes and 29 in. Shouldn't be that hard to miss.

Anonymous said...

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Blamspam said...

Man, you are not alone with the Thetis thing. I wish she couldn't have been a MotD and actually have come back later.

[i]And why is Luna telling Sailor Moon about Thetis's attacks when she can see it herself? Then again, lots of comic books love stating the obvious...[/i]
Gaaaaah. This only gets worse as the series goes on. In one of the beach episodes, the youma builds up a wall of water and barely misses Usagi, and there's Luna saying, "Careful, Sailor Moon, that monster can attack with water!" Really?!?

Anonymous said...

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