Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Beginning of the End?

Well, I think an introduction is in order, seeing that no one knows who I am around these parts. To the people reading this, well, this is Chase P., a Sailor Moon fan who notices that a lot of Sailor Moon fans nowadays focus on the future and complain over and over about it, while no one really focuses on the past and maybe guess why they enjoy the show so much. I'm here to change that. Why? Because I'm going to look at all of the episodes and whatnot in the Japanese version of Sailor Moon and log in about my thoughts on what I like and don't like about each episode.

The reason for that? A few things. One, over at the No Homers Club (which, as of this posting, isn't working right now), someone by the name of "TheForbiddenDonut" decided to watch about 200 or so Simpsons episodes, and I thought that was a interesting idea. Also, I really liked his style of posting, so I thought "Wow, if someone did this for other shows, this'll be great!" So, I thought that his love for the Simpsons was similar to my love for the Japanese version of Sailor Moon, so hey, why not?

Second, like I said, a lot of Sailor Moon fans nowadays don't usually focus on the past and talk about the quality of the show and rather focus on the future about the show and complain about it over and over again. And when they do talk about the past, it's usually not in a thoughtful way, not really explained that well, and it's mostly the same opinions over and over again. Though, that might be because of forums I usually go on, Golden Age Cartoons and Toon Zone, which usually focus on the way of cartoons and claim they're great and whatnot (with conflicting opinions), and they also look into the past and talk about who did what and talk about old timey things. That, and they usually explain they're opinions. So naturally, a little of that feeling was rubbed on me, so now, I'm interested in learning about who was responsible for each episode and why the episode was the way it was. So, in a nutshell, it's pretty much the motto of this blog.

Third, speaking of which, like the motto said, someone had to it, and if it must be me, so be it! Besides, I haven't seen the whole show in months, so seeing it in a somewhat critic spot should be fun!

And why a blog? Well, two things. One, the SM fandom had better days, and every forum I lookes at didn't had a lot of people lurking at it. Second, I tried it on Toon Zone, but a mod closed it becuase I was violated the double post rule (my opinion on that, however, I won't discuss). But, becuase that person recommend me I start a blog on it, and that a few people looked at it (KaiserNeko of DBZ Abrighed for starters), here I am.

However, despite what I'm going to do, I don't have high hopes for this blog. It's something I really want to do, but I'm afraid it'll lead nowhere. So, the fate of this blog will depend on how much people enjoy the idea. Heck, I know it's a cliche, but even one person can determine the fate of the blog.

Now, with that downer and rambling out, I think you and I got the gist of it. I'll explain even more what this blog will do and accomplish in the coming days (maybe even later in the day or tomorrow), but until then, get ready, this won't be your average Sailor Moon blog! And remember doc, as Usagi always said at the end of episode after episode, "The moonlight carries the message of love!"


Anonymous said...

OK, Chase, let me be one of the first anime followers to say that you've got an excellent landmark blog here for whatever Sailor Moon web community continues to exist! And, I'll be looking in often. Thanks for the heads-up!

Kasey said...

How you are able to enjoy Sailor Moon AND classic cartoons is beyond me, but I'll be checking this place out anyway! =p

esahC said...

You know Kasey, that's actually a good idea for a blog post. I'll explain why when that time comes.

ONE HINT: It's one of the few animes where you can tell which animation director did what. :p

Anonymous said...

Well, Kasey, I also enjoy classic cartoons and anime (even if Sailor Moon episodes can only be found ... shhhh! ... online now), which means it's not THAT unusual. And I know for a fact that there are even more of us. Beware on the night of the full moon! (muted chuckle)

Please excuse me here, Chase, while I wax OT for a few more lines.

IMHO, the best of the anime lot currently in production is One Piece, which at least gets all the respect it genuinely deserves on this side of the Pacific, from Funimation. (Never, but NEVER, assume that those wretched 4Kids DVDs still floating around represent the real Luffy and crew in the least!)

~CyCyN~ said...

OOOOOhh!!! A GUY, who LOVES Sailor Moon and is watching it with a CRITICAL eye and is willing to BLOG about it. I'M ALL OVER THIS.

I'm totally your fan now. HAHAHAHHAHahaha!!! Will post about you on my blog as well.

Good job!!