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The details are still coming later, but I see this blog might need more juice. Very well, let's set our eyes on the first episode...

""Crybaby Usagi's Magnificent Transformation"

-10 seconds in, and we already have our first pun in the series. It's interesting, isn't it?
-Little kids beating up a cat? That's an unique way to introduce a character and something you don't start a show with everyday...
-Although I found the noises Luna made when we first meet her funny, I can't help but feel confused that Usagi made no reaction to a cat making funny noises, but a talking cat does. Then again, her character at this point isn't the brightest of the bunch.
-"I don't have time for this!" Then why were you there in the first place? Starting up some kind of plot?
-Okay, the stomach sound effect made me chuckled. Sounds effects can be funny too you know!
-Thinking about it, I'm glad the friendship between Umino, Naru and Usagi is already established. Not only does it bring funny material, admit it, it's better we don't know why they're friends. It's something the audience doesn't need to know or care about.
-It's the first episode and I already find Umino hilarious. I think it's the voice and the facial expressions he makes, I'm not so sure.
-You know, I kinda find it a story cheat that Usagi didn't know who Sailor V was during that scene. I don't know, I think the writers could of found a much more original way for Usagi to remember Sailor V, like the poster later on. (EDIT: Turns out it was her first time hearing her. Well, in that case, it wasn't really conveyed that well. It sounded like she forget, rather than not knowing. Oh well...)
-I'm with Umino. Where did the diamond thing popped from? Either it's another story cheat, or something males like me don't get.
-I do like how Queen Beryl's lair is artistically different from the other backgrounds I've seen. Feels more moody and atmospheric from the bright, happy watercolor backgrounds I've been seeing.
A bright happy background: A moody dark background:
-So are those background characters youma or evil people we'll never see? Because I'm rather intrigued by their designs.
-The use of only Jadeite's eyes and hand really is striking in a good way. I can see why it was reused for the following few episodes.
-I wonder if anyone noticed Naru's mom sudden change of personality? Nah, then I'll see the Nostalgic Critic's point throughout the whole show.
-You know, I could picture the diamond scene still happening in today's world sadly enough.
-Well, Mamoru's introduction was short and sweet. Yet, I bet relationships start out like this, and I should know...
-Boy, I can't wait when Usagi matures as a character. Seriously, crying over a test as a 14 year old? That's being a little pessimistic.
-However, I did smiled on her thoughts on Sailor V. I bet we all had thoughts like that in our youth.

-The facial expressions during the Ikuko/Usagi scene are really hilarious. Helps with the timing and ticking music during it.

-The Shingo scene is also pretty funny. I don't know why, but Shingo kicking Usagi's bum made me chuckle.
-You know, with scenes like this, it's really a shame that the animation director of this episode, Hiromi Matsushita, never did another full episode. I rather liked the limited animation style she put in this episode, and with it, she can provide funny facial expressions pretty well with the crew she had and whatnot.


-Man, the designs on the women fainting really look unappealing. I'm not sure if that's the purpose of the scene, but I don't know...
-They really should of fixed some of the watercolor backgrounds. Some of them looks too washed out for my liking.
-Wait, if Luna thanked Usagi for taking off the bandage, then why did she resisted Usagi from pulling it? I smell character development problems.
-Man, there's a lot of abstract backgrounds in this particular episode. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or not...

-Before doing this log, Kotnto Mitsushi was one of my favorite voice actors in the show, and in the first episode, she's already giving funny material. That's talent good actors have man.
- If you listen, you can really hear the Charlie's Angels influence in the transformation and "Moon Tira Action" sequence. Personally, I find that a good thing, as I find the tunes catchy.
-You know, those jewels sure do explain things in future episodes if you think about it.
-Too bad we'll never see youmas like Morga later on in S onward.
-There's Matt Groening's theory on silhouettes again!
-Again, can't wait when Usagi's character matures later on in the series.
-Oh great, the "it was all a dream" cliche (the manga had this too). Someone wanted to go home early now, didn't they?
-I wish there was more iris outs in the show. But then again, that's probably the classic cartoon nerd in me.

Overall: While there was funny moments here and there, this reeked of "first episode syndrome." I know I should excuse it for what it accomplished back when it aired, but it really has a "been there, done that" feeling toward it. Not a strong episode, but the funny moments saved it, so calling the episode "mediocre" is a understatement.

And with that, one down, 199+ to go."

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Blamspam said...

"it's better we don't know why they're friends."

How could you really figure that out without some kind of conspicious exposition in the show? "They're friends because they all are from the same homeroom!" or "They're friends because.... whyever Screech actually hung out with Kelly on Saved by the Bell..."

I thought the cost-cutting measures, like the abstract backgrounds were pretty funny. I do agree with the love for the expressions (That one of hanging-teardrops form Usagi was my avatar for a long time.) ;)