Friday, June 19, 2009

(Not so) Lucky Seven!

Last pre-Sailor Mercury episode. Praise the lord...

Usagi Learns a Lesson! The Road to Stardom is Tough

-Common anime shortcut #32. Animate [insert name here] a running cycle, but don't actually animate [insert name here] running.
-Interesting use of scrolling "Japanese writing" on the poster.
-Ah Umino, always here to make a unmemorable episode have some funny parts in it. And reminded me stuff like that people actually used the Internet back in 1992.
-I find it kinda weird that happy upbeat music was playing when Jadiete found the next target. I'm assuming there was supposed to be dramtic music in that scene, but I guess someone got lazy.
-I don't get the tennis racket joke. Funny, yes, but a logical joke? No. How does "storm them" relate to tennis in any way?
-So, "Moonlight Densetsu" is a real song in this show? Er, only way that could work is that it's one of the songs in the CD in the ending of the last episode or something like that. Then again, "Bart Get Famous" did something similar to this, and the fans didn't care...
-Nether the less, I bet the singing was entirety improvised (and trust me, people do sing like that). Huge shame I'm not laughing at it. Oh well, at least we get the "Stop killing the cat" line though.
-Well, the split thing came quickly, out of nowhere, and will only last for about one episode.
-Talent. Just do something completely out of the ordinary and/or something stupidly simple and it's talent. Sigh, people and their expectations.
-Man, other than one facial expression on Usagi and a ugly face on Naru for one scene, I'm not noticing anything special animation wise in this first half. And we made progress so well.
-Why do I have a strange felling someone in the staff saw "Psycho"? Because while the scene reminds me of that, it's completely the poor man version of that scene. People remember that scene for a reason folks.
-I will admit, Mikan Shiratori's voice is cute. I can see why her voice actress will later voice Mimete later on in S.
-Again, Unimo delivering funny parts in a unmemorable episode. To be honest, I'm not really surprised anymore.
-Speaking of funny, the police and executive thing was so random and unexpected, along with the exaggeration of the voices, it's funny. Probably the funniest scene Unimo wasn't in.
-Although I like the use of the music cue, I really don't give 100 percent care about Usagi's and Luna's feelings during their scene together. A been there, done that feeling, along with that compared to most cartoons, Usagi wasn't that decided to her work. Besides, Usagi crying over spilled milk again!
-Also, I'm starting to understand why Luna wasn't my favorite character in this show. She's like the Jimmy Cricket of this show, only not entertaining and unique enough for me to care. At least she gets more interesting later on.
-Sheesh, and Mamouru wasn't even trying to be a jerk this time. Then again, here's there for time filler, so who really cares?

-Times like this where I wish I can get the Japanese way of telling joke in their language. Because I'm still confused on the word jokes in this episode and the episodes to come.
-Again, great cue, but I'm not feeling the tension and emotion in the classroom scene. In fact, I don't even think the cue works in this scene very well. Not even Unimo being hit by the tape could save this scene.
-Nope, still not feeling the tension ans sympathetic toward them.
-On the positive side though, I did like seeing the Youma's face in Mikan's body. Also liked the lip sync and reading of the line "You saw me, didn't you". A shocker that actually works, thankfully.
-While I understand Usagi being scared, come on, she faced like 6 youmas by now. You think she would get used to youmas scaring her right about now.
-It's the little things that we enjoyed. In that case, the sound effect of Sailor Moon popping out is an example of that.
-So Usagi got frozen and could of possibly die? Why do I have feeling this won't be the last time this won't be her last cosmetic near-death experience?
-Well folks, they tried their best, and they fell for the Dark Kingdom's trap again. The lesson is, never try.

Overall: Thank goodness the Pre-Ami stuff is done. Not only did I not care for this one, it had all of the flaws the previous episodes had (other than episode 5 and 6), so there's no reason for me to repeat myself. Thankfully (?), it's all uphill from here!

There are no images from "the oracle" this time. This reminder is brought to you by the letter S and by the number 7.


Debbie Anne said...

These Usagi-only episodes are much worse in the English dub.

Blamspam said...

"So, "Moonlight Densetsu" is a real song in this show?"

Worse, they took what is apparently a pop song from a tune in a locket from the ol' Moon Kingdom? There really is nothing new under the sun!

It reminds me of a Kim Possible episode in which Ron had to write a theme tune for Kim and him and comes up with the show's.