Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Three episodes in and there's no fat jokes? Well, we'll fix that!

Usagi Will Teach You! How to Lose Weight (kinda a oxymoron, isn't it?)

-Why do I have a feeling the first bath scene was in there for the males watching this episode? I mean, seriously, how does this add anything to the episode other than fanservice?
-I know females are more concerned then us males on our weight, but come on, CRYING over it? Other than my typical character complain, I'm starting to think back when these episodes was made, the staff making the show didn't quite grasp between what's funny and what's embarrassing. Because come on, a teenage women crying over her weight is embarrassing, not funny. I'm sorry, but it is. And if it WAS supposed to be, man, the guys sure didn't nailed execution that well yet.
-Great, another outburst. Seriously, do first through third graders (the show's audience if I read correctly) REALLY fund this stuff funny? Because the staff thinks so...
-I should laugh at that drawing Luna did, but I'm not. I blame the execution again.
-On the bright side, I enjoyed the sudden the out of nowhere facial expression on Usagi in the claasroom.
-Hey, I forgot to mention the music so far. Well, we won't get into spesfic until later, but I like the music cue during the women group scene. Not only is it relaxing, it's also fits the mood in a unique fast-pace way.
-New theory time. I think the crew had more fun with the supporting characters then the actual main characters. Sure, it might be because it seems like the people working on this show loves comedy (judging by these episodes so far), so therefore, the humor of the minor characters might be stronger than our main character. Or maybe it's the rule of comedy relief being annoying funny by cartoon law, what do I know?
-Despite me having no clue what Haruna said, at least it sounded funny. I mean, after all, recording the voices after the animation certainly has it advantages.
-So Unimo has the "glasses=creepy nerd" personality eh? Well, he's still hilarious, so maybe things will improve.
-Hey, if tiaras and masks cover people's identity well, why not some kind of shades and sweat clothing (the guys takes them off once, so the clothing must help)?
-You know, I'll come clean. Jedeite is probably one of the most bland and uninteresting villains in this show. I won't miss him when he's frozen later on.
-As someone whose going through what these girls are going through, I can relate to their struggle. Too bad I'm not laughing at it.
-So the dark coloring and un-gym like areas doesn't make the girls suspicious? Why am I not surprised?
-Well, that Beryl scene was necessary, wasn't it folks?

-I don't blame the little kid's reaction. I admit, I do things like that too, but drooling over a young kids' food MIGHT just be a little bit creepy.
-Ah yes, the unexplained love interest. Truly this will be something all us fans will remember for the rest of the show.
-Seriously though, I'm not feeling the relationship between Usagi and Motoki. Not only is it unexplained, comes out of nowhere, and leans nowhere, the funny moments couldn't save these "tenor" moments.
-Yeah, still a shame Mamouru didn't act this much of an asshole later on in the show.
-I'll admit it, Usagi saying "thin" over and over in the exercise bike made me laugh. Mostly because of Kotono's acting on that scene.
-Luna's sudden attack on Usagi actually sounds finny on paper, but on screen, it's not quite as funny. Must be the timing or something.
-Can't really comment much on the fight. Not much to comment about.
-WOAH. THE ENEMY ACTUALLY HAD SUCCESSES! Wow, that's probably the only time in the series when this happens. Man, you know, I now kinda wish the villians actually get little moments like this. It wouds actually make them more threading for our hero, for starters.
-To be honest, I rather liked Usagi actually GAINING some weight. Not only does it feel like a change of pace in a show like this, it provides some funny acting from Kotono again.

Overall: While I'm glad these episodes are developing Usagi's character, I can't tell a lie. Episodes like these prove she can't carry on the show by herself. As shown YET again, characterizations is still uninteresting, the animation wasn't anything special, and while the plot was a little more structured, it wasn't a really entertaining one. Only thing saving this episode was the voice acting and funny moments. So, all in all, here's come the part we scream real loud when I describe my feelings of this episode. UNREMARKABLY MEDIOCRE!

The image is from "the oracle". If I did sell these as my own, I wouldn't be here right now.

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Blamspam said...

It really is a shame that placeholder characters like Naru and Umino who were just there until Usagi got her important Senshi friends ended up being so cool. ;_;