Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Fine looking nine!

Alright, I'm sure you guys don't care, but to keep up at my own pace, you guys get a bonus today! Ready?

Usagi's Misfortune! Watch Out for the Rushing Clocks

-Remember when I said the plan in episode 5 was the best plan Jadiete came up with? It still is, but this is probably the second best plan. I can see all the mayhem happen in a non comedic way in our world.
-I think this is the first time montages were used differently, by seeing different places and by seeing random moments that don't connect each other happening.
-I really love it when the show takes a break from the plot for a while and we just see the characters just having fun with their surroundings. Moments like that really make these characters much more fun and relateable and add more depth to them then what we know them for.
-For some reason, the orange bird looks like a orange colored early-1970's Big Bird to me.
-See what I mean that Usagi needs a character like Ami, and while I'm at it, Ami needs a character like Usagi? Their personality are so different, it much more enjoyable then when one of them carries a episode by herself and goes nowhere. But, I think the R movie describes this feeling better then I can.
-Nice use of abstract backgrounds on the clocks. I especially like the use of downward stripes on the mushroom clock. Makes it much more hilarious somehow.

-I'm sure it was intentional, but I really liked the use of cuckoo birds in the backgrounds during Usagi's money problem speech. Makes the sitution far more absurd in a good way.
-So, what was Kenji working on? Hammering in another clock?
-It's always midnight where the crazy crap happens in cartoons...
-First appearance of Ami's mini computer. It's important to the show, so get used to seeing it a lot.
-Finding out about the clocks wasn't really that dramatic, music wise.

-Whoa, pretty bold to start the post-eyecatcher with a car crash, what with that one dramtic angles, loud sound effects I already heard and whatnot. But there's people act funny after that, so it all evens out in the end!
- Although it's not the first time a youma is with Jadiete, it's the first time the youma talks to him in some blank background, By the way, it's nice to see that the youma in this one, Ramua, isn't completely one dimensional compared to the other ones. At leas she shows a feeling other than anger and calmness then the others.
-I must be the only Sailor Moon fan who knows the bus crashing sound effect WAS used in other cartoons. I wish I could remember, but I swear, that's a common sound effect, because I heard it before somewhere.
-Although it's funny, Usagi's personality on the time feels a little OOC for her. It's not bothersome (like I said, it's funny), but it really feels weird.
-I'm noticing lots of close ups on the faces for some reason.
-First episode where I believe Sailor Moon fights in a fictitious place, where the villain kinda has the upper hand in its surroundings. In this case, I really like the Davi-equse clocks around the surrounding.
-Voice acting goof time. After Usagi barges the clock door and says her line, Mercury mouth moves, but nothing is heard. I guess dialogue was planed, but wasn't needed.
-I must say, Kotno makes a rather convecting young voice for Sailor Moon. And while it's stereotypical, gotta like the old voice on the elderly Usagi.
-While it's yet again a story cheat, it's interesting that Tuxedo Mask's appearance in this episode is different from the other episodes. Rather then make a speech and leave, he just looks around and throw the rose on the clock. Different, but it's refreshing.
-"Protect The Innolent"? Man, I love it when the English language shows up in a Japanese show and screws it up sometimes. I just find that ironically funny.
-I've noticed that Sailor Moon appears longer in this episode than any of the previous episodes. While the previous episodes have her appear in the 4 or so minutes battle, she in most of the post-Eyecatcher in this episode. How quaint.
-Hey, how did they change back to their civil form quickly?
-Ugh, there's that sitcomish ending for the third time, and it's the most blatant of them all. Not only does it connect with the episode in any way, it has that "that's our character" line many sitcoms had. Tisk, tisk, tisk.

Overall: MUCH more entertaining then the the previous episodes (excluding the sixth episode, of course, which is no surprise, since it had the same writer on both of them). Animation was a little wonky, but the plot was way more exciting and interesting this time around, and the characterizations had no problem, so that's a plus. All in all, I say it's a fun one that's worth a watch.

The two images are from "the oracle". First that site, then the official site. BWAHAHAHAHAHA!

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The Robocop reference always baffled me (but not much more than the Kenny Loggins reference later).