Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Number eight, celebrate!

Okay, I lied about the dub thing. Sigh, how and why do I keep myself busy? Sorry for the delay guys (all 4 to 14 of you), but I better keep going before I get flat out lazy. After all, it's the debut of Ami! (BTW, sorry about the crappy last post. I'll make that up in the future)

Is the Genius Girl a Youma? Brainwashing School of Terror

-Don't people who go to the best school, collages and etc. usually get some high profile jobs, like doctors, psychologists, teachers and whatnot? You think Beryl and Jadiete would get the smart connection, but you know, what do they know?
-I have observe that if people's laughter make people laugh, something funny is afoot. Because hey, Usagi's laughs is making me laugh. Kotono definitely have range if she can do a high pitch laugh like that and make people like me laugh.
-Love the timing on Usagi's sweat. It's so sudden, you can't help but at least chuckle at it.
-Judging by Ikuko comment on the crying, it looks like the production staff is aware they're overusing the crying. Let's hope they follow it later in the season (like I said, been a while since I seen the whole show).
-Did we really need that bedroom scene? Really, other than casually reminding the audience about the goal of the characters, there's really no point in it. At least there's a funny Usagi quote and facial expression in there, so it wasn't totally worthless in a cosmetic way.
-First time Luna talks to the Sailor V machine. Nice change of pace for once.
-So, if everyone is treating Ami's smarts like they been there before, why are talking about her like it's her first day there with the rumors and whatnot? It's wasn't very clear in the dialogue (oh wait, she's in another class. Well then, shouldn't they know her a little by now?). Either way, I smell plot exposition again...
-Luna jumping on Ami was more dramatic then it needed. Because really, a cat jumping on a human isn't that big of a deal. Then again, it's probably the slow motion that came to that conclusion.
-It's rather refreshing that rather than making some crazy facial expression or making a big deal on Luna jumping on her, Ami just simply strokes the cat and acts pretty calm about it. Right away, we see who Ami is, and right away, I'm enjoying this calm character.
-Other than some more funny facial expressions (One of Luna's looked like something out of a 1950's cartoon for some reason), the scene of Usagi and Ami walking, to me, lets us learn more about the characters. While Usagi is very loud, makes tons of facial expressions and is very happy pappy, Ami is mellow, pretty calm, and barley acts like a cartoon character (no facial expression, mood swings aren't as wild as the others). I'm not sure why, but I like when we see moments like this. Let us kn ow a little bit more about the characters in a good way.
-That sad music cue during the video game wasn't really necessary. I see nothing depressing in this scene.
-Also, I'm not a huge fan of Ami doing excellent on the Sailor V game. I know the scene was to see how smart Ami was, but I don't know, I think they could of made a better scene than that, like telling Usagi a thing or two on astrology.

-I think I need to learn more about the history of computers. I mean, I know the technology of computers were around in 1992 (after all, the Commodore 64 wasn't discontinued yet), but, wasn't the use of the computer didn't become mainstream until around 1995 or so? Becuase the late comment Luna made about people and computers really pipes my interest on computers and how people used it for some reason.
-Say, what does happen if people learn Luna can talk? Is it some kind of rule that the Moon Kingdom put upon to Luna? Or is it some cliche rule the show had to do for some reason? I'm thinking it's the latter...
-I'm not sure why, but I'm noticing that Mamoru isn't acting a total jerk in these past 2 episodes. Maybe the comments don't have the same spark, or maybe he's stopped the laughter at her, I'm not sure.
-Thinking about it, was becoming a nurse really necessary? Unless there was some guard we saw off screen, I don't see the purpose of "becoming" a nurse. And shouldn't the hallways/school be more guarded, or am I thinking too much into the future?
-I'll admit it, you got to like that Usagi's thinking of gravity by asking the apples.
-Er, I kinda disagree with Ami's line about studying. Yes, you shouldn't relay on computers that much, but aren't computer there to help you out on your work and make things more easy? I understand where Ami came from, but, don't certain studies must be done on a computer? I could go on, but this would lead nowhere.
-The introduction of Sailor Mercury felt a little rushed. In fact, the battle felt a little rushed.
-And we end the episode with nothing special. What a shocker.

Overall: You think with the introduction of a new character, the episode introducing her would actually become better than usual, right? Well, in this case, it's not. Story structure is a little more focused, and I'm really liking the character of Ami, but the episode is still basically bland in a nutshell. So, oh well, hooray for another average, not out of the ordinary episode of BSSM.

[Insert witty play of words about images on "the oracle" here.]


cassandralee said...

Say, what does happen if people learn Luna can talk? Is it some kind of rule that the Moon Kingdom put upon to Luna? Or is it some cliche rule the show had to do for some reason? I'm thinking it's the latter...

You know, I think it's because cats aren't supposed to talk and it would freak people out. That's all.

Rosen said...

"other than casually reminding the audience about the goal of the characters, there's really no point in it."

That scene has one more thing though - Luna admits that she doesn't know who their enemy is. Hints begin to drop in that she's not as much on top of things as she first made it seem.

Blamspam said...

I've always found Ami a bit bland, so a bland introduction episode didn't surprise me.

I think the "turning into a nurse" was just so they could use more stock footage for a reason, and fill up more time. Boo.