Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Rouding up at number 5...

Ikuko Ito's and Yuji Eno's first episode in the show. Right off the bat, this'll be interesting.

A Youma's Scent! Chanelas Steal Love

-Right off the bat, I see the animation team for this episode liked using facial expression when the eyes and head (don't forget the eyebrows) is completely exaggerated. But trust me, compared to previous episodes (other than the first), this is a fresh change of pace.

-I might be alone on this, but the sudden change of the models and expression in these past few episodes is reminding me when the models on the Looney Tunes would change depending on the director and whenever The Simpsons is being inbetweened by different Korean studios. Of course, like the two mention, not only is it noticeable to the trained eye, there were of course episodes/shorts where it was great, and there shorts/episodes that looked horrible. I could explain why, but this isn't the time to talk about that. I will tell you this though. Ikuko's style in this episode is reminding me of whenever Chuck Jones directed Bugs and Daffy and whenever Rough Draft got a Simpsons episode. And trust me, that's a good thing.
-First mention of the Moon Princess. And I must say, I'm surprised it was just a mention. You think Luna would say more details about that. But, I guess that's another episode for another time (at least the hints doesn't show yet).
-Hey, "Moon Pudding" made me laugh. Not only did it popped out of nowhere, the visual and timing in the voice acting made it funnier then what it said on paper.
-I don't why, but thinking about it, this is probably the best scheme Jadeite made for the Dark Kingdom. If Sailor Moon didn't meddle in, I actually think it would work. Not only does cute animals work most of the time, it's sounds much better than starting a fortune teller place or taking buses to the "next dimension" in good evil villain sense.
-You know, do they still make alligator skin hand bags? Because I've never seen one (yet). But hey, must be funny somehow, because not only the show made that joke, the Looney Tunes did that joke a few times, so it must be a "see it to believe it" type of gag, or something. Either way, Unimo's scene was pretty funny.
-Looking at those Chanelas, they really look like evil versions of Bunnys that haven't been trimmed in months. Without the spell though, I think no one will that and keep saying they're cute and lovey stuff like that. Cause that's how we roll.
-Poor dog. Not only was it there to make people sad, it was only a part of the plot of this episode. Weird though that it didn't appear later when Usagi enter in the same backdrop.
-I'm not going to bother with the sudden outburst in Usagi (you know the reason). At least the facial expression was funny this time...

-Interesting that Haruna is a decent teacher and balks at the Chanelas in this episode. You think with the personility in the previous episodes, she'll be at least tolerable with them.
-Sheesh, first kicking a cat, then pushing a teacher? Man, you don't get away with stuff like that nowadays. Helps the episode, yes, but as a out of context thing? Not good for the soccer moms and animation fans out there...
-So Mamoru is going to appear in every episode, whenever he's needed or not? Alright, I don't have a huge issue with that. Lets hope he's still interesting in the upcoming episodes though.
-Lots of plot convenience in this particular episode (the dog, the little kid, Mamouru, you get what I mean).
-Well, I rather liked a car light was on Usagi when the sound effect was heard. Also a interesting choice to see her silhouette before her actual appearance too.
-Iguara's design is a rather unique one. Note that I didn't said it was good. Because seriously, a youma that's part monster and part Iguana just looks wrong in a interesting way.
-I think I know why we never see "Moon Tiara Sawdust" again. Tell me folks, other than Stars, was there any monent in the anime where Sailor Moon actually "healed" someone? Go ahead, guess, make my day.
-Ah, a good old fashion story cheat on the youma. Is there anything those cheats can help us speed the episode even faster?
-So Shingo was willing to take a hero's advice, despite he has no idea who the hero was? Sigh, gotta love kid's young nativeness on things. Besides, anything to make Luna's appearance in the resistance not as confusing later on.
-Nice unique iris out there.
Overall: Much more entertaining then the past few episodes. Not only was the plot actually more interesting then usual, the characterizations was not as bothersome this time, and above else, the animation direction was pretty good. Took me by surprise. All in all, yeah, I say it's a above average episode.

(seriously though, Ikuto's direction shines though this one, so whenever you see this episode, check out the facial expression. I bet you'll love it...)

All images are from "the oracle". And if I break her rules on the images, then I hope I get run over by a streetcar.

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