Thursday, June 18, 2009

Don't stop me now number 6!

The first episode Kunihiko Ikuhara, future show director, directed. You folks ready? I am.

Protect the Melody of Love! Usagi is a Cupid

-I'm not sure it's the point or not, but I did enjoyed the music cue in that Dark Kingdom cassette. It's rather fascinating.
-One has to wonder on how and why Naru is suddenly interested in jazz. Seeing her character in these past episodes, it doesn't really match up. I sense it's for the plot, and that wouldn't surprised me.
-The fade in from the cover to Yusuke Amade is certainly dynamic. Something you don't see in anime like this everyday.
-Whoa, nice usage of jerking on Kyurene's hand there. I don't know why, but I also get a kick out of stuff like that. Certainly something you can't do in live action that well (CGI excluding).
-Eh, the romance between Yusuke and Akiko doesn't really come across that well. I like their personalities, yeah, but I not really feeling why Yusuke loves her so much. The age factor might be a part of this is you think about it.
-I don't need to tell you that the P.O. Usagi facial expression is hilarious (darn, I just did).
-I like the intriguing fact that Yusuke isn't what you call a "mature" man, but he still has the basic of an adult man anyways. It's refreshing after seeing adults who are either idiots or bland.
-I don't know about you folks, but the scene of Kyurene seeing Yusuke was great. The use of coloring, shadows, camera angles, and lighting not only brings dratmic tension, it bring something that this anime surely needed. It's truly something that sticks into the mind for a while.

-Thinking about it, I think this is the first time the Monster Of The Day was targeting someone (first) rather than putting in the master plan for Jeditete. Considering who the director is, it's no surprise.
-Also, check out the still image after the scene. That looks like a good monster movie poster if I say so myself (note: it's a compliment).
-Speaking of Youmas, Kyurene is actually a good Youma in this one. Not only because she's actually a mence to people other than Usagi, her human form is actually threading.
-It's nice that Usagi isn't a complete idiot in this episode. Not only does her desires of being an adult is a less stupid idea for her, it's actually a relateable one. Also, no crying, so that's a plus.

-Interesting to note that Mamoru doesn't appear at all in this episode. I guess there was no need for him in this slighty darker episode, or something.
-Mostly because of the hair, I rather liked Usagi's disguise in this episode.
-I love the timing of Usagi's drink scene, and the facial expressions during this just further helps the gag along.
-This episode is just stepping it up in the visual department, because you gotta love the red lighting and face when we see Kyurene come out of the evalator.

-The direction during the "car chase" is surely speculator (at least, compared to previous episodes). I especially liked it when it went 24 fps on us when the car jumped.
-There's theories going around that this episode wasn't dubbed here in America because Yusuke and Usagi weren't wearing seatbelts. I find that a bunch of bullhonkey.
-Usagi's right about love, but really, it is right to love someone that looks younger than a person like Yusuke?
-Nice pace during the battle inside of the studio. Definitely a" keep on your toes" moment for the audience.
-Wait, did Sailor Moon broke the fourth wall during her speech? If she did, good. I love moments like that.
-I hope there was a passage of time, because Yusuke being married so soon seems rather like a quick joke if it happens in the next day.

Overall: Junichi Satou, the series director at the time, said the episode was "too heavy" after the episode was done. He was wrong. Not only was the episode was a fresh change of pace to the basically bland episodes, it was actually a good episode on its own. The plot was actually interesting, the animation sparkled throughout, the dramatic tension worked, and above all else, I was entertained throughout. Definitely give this episode a watch if you see it.

(BTW, I would appreciated it if I got more comments on these posts. I know people are reading this, so wouldn't you people like to disagree myself and voice your own opinion on the episodes? Because I know a few episodes I know people will disagree with me down the road...)

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Blamspam said...

"There's theories going around that this episode wasn't dubbed here in America because Yusuke and Usagi weren't wearing seatbelts. I find that a bunch of bullhonkey."

That would be easy enough to edit in, I think. More likely than not it was sneaking into a bar that was morally objectionable or whatever. What Sailor Moon Says! would they get out of that? :p

I do like what you're doing here - I wouldn't have noticed some of the good parts of the direction if you hadn't pointed them out.